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  1. Lessons Learned in 2013

    In years past I've written down the lessons I learned from the year. I didn't blog a thing here in 2013, so I am starting this back up.


    2013 was a busy, difficult year. I changed jobs, houses, took up springboard/tower diving, and filled out paperwork ...

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  2. I Like Books, September 2012

    After last months' review-dump, I'll be sticking to a monthly format, as it'll be a little clearer what things I'm thinking and reading about. September has been an interesting month for reading, as well as other things (such as 'getting married'). The month started out with finding ...

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  3. I Like Books, June-August 2012

    I've rediscovered my love of reading this year, and so I've taken a page out of Nick Hornby's book (har har har) and am going over the books I've read over the past several months. My hope is that this will make up for the fact ...

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